Terabitz Datacenter : Colocation Server , T-Connection , Hotspot
Sheeplink Colocation, Dedicated Server,  

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       Terabitz's internet service offers a dedicated and highly redundant, corporate-graded broadband internet connection with simultaneous links to
  multiple international internet gateways and domestic internet exchanges. Customers are assured of continuous bandwidth connectivity and uptime.
  Moreover, since we are located within the same building, our team can respond to customers faster.

       High quality bandwidth starting from 10 Mbps .
       Unlimited data transfer
       Unlimited usage time
       Free Burstable Bandwidth
       Service Level Agreement of 99%

  Suitable For:
       Corporate users
       Heavy usage
       Customers requiring Service Level Agreement

  Available in:
       Empire Tower
       Nation Tower
       Cyber World Tower

    Optimum Server-processing temperature
       Proximity : Locating within the same building, our staff could respond and reach to customers faster.
       Competitive Pricing : By Utilizing Terabitzís Fiber Optic connections, customers could bypass the physical link media costs compared to other providers.
       High Availability : Bandwidth simultaneously fed from multiple International Internet Gateways and Domestic Internet Exchanges increase network
         reliability and redundancy


Terabitz Datacenter : Colocation Server , T-Connection , Hotspot